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New Zealand chooses new flag as preliminary winner - New Zealanders have picked a blue and black design with the silver fern as the preliminary winner in a referendum on a possible new national flag. The runner-up is a similar-looking red, white and New Zealand Flag Toothpicks | Kiwi - The official flag of New Zealand is four 5-point red stars, of different sizes and outlined in white, in the formation of the constellation of Crux offset to the fly side on a blue field and features the United Kingdom Union Jack in the canton. New Zealand Flag, nylon flags made in the USA

New Zealand is to hold a referendum on whether to change the 'post-colonial' national flag, Prime Minister John Key announces.

THE results are in. More than 2 million Kiwis voted in a ballot to keep the British Union Jack on their flag or replace it with a silver fern. NEW Zealand has voted to keep its current flag by 57 ... New Zealand flag change: final voting begins on historic ... The final stage in New Zealand’s bid to change its flag has begun, with voters asked to choose between the current design and a silver fern against blue and black. Silver Fern (Black, White and ...

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New Zealand votes to keep its flag after 56.6% back the status quo This article is more than 3 years old. After a lengthy campaign, voters have decided by a margin of more than 10 points to retain ...

New Zealand rejects flag change, stays with Union Jack The outcome will likely be viewed as a defeat for Prime Minister John Key, the main advocate for change, who described the existing banner as a colonial relic from the days of British rule.

Union Jack or silver fern? New Zealand begins final vote on…

New Zealand votes to keep its British Union Jack flag

New Zealand is to hold a referendum on whether to change the national flag, Prime MinisterThe current flag shows the Southern Cross constellation and includes the Union Jack - the UK's nationalMr Key said that he liked the silver fern - popularised by national teams including the All Blacks - as... Voting starts for New Zealand's flag - CNN The current New Zealand flag. Culled from a pool of over 10,000 submissions by an aptly named " Flag Consideration Panel," three of the finalThe fourth design features a black and white koru -- a Maori symbol reminiscent of curled fern frond, and the fifth, recently included in the final round of voting after... Flag Of New Zealand, Blue With Red And White Union Jack